How To Care for Your Handmade Hawaiian Cutting Board

Now that you've purchased a handmade wood-cutting board, you want it to last!

Proper care will keep your cutting board healthy and ready for a lifetime of use

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Oil Up Your Board

Mineral oil is your cutting board's best friend. While it's not the best oil for your SKIN, food-grade mineral oil rejuvenates the wood, preventing drying and cracking. Food-grade mineral oil is colorless, odorless, and tasteless and will never go rancid.

What goes rancid? Other oils - olive oil, vegetable oil, and animal fat. Never apply these oils to your board or you risk getting a spoiled, stinky board on your hands (You CAN of course, get these oils ON the board, just don't soak your board in these oils).

How To Oil Up Your Handmade Cutting Board

On a dry board, use a clean cloth and apply in the direction of the wood grain. Let it soak in for at least 20 mins and wipe off any excess. To "season" a new cutting board, apply 3-4 coats before using.

How Often Should You Oil Up Your Handmade Cutting Board?

When it's dry! 🙂 Think about your skin: When it looks dry, you add lotion or oil, yes? The same goes for your cutting board. If it looks dry and in need of moisture, oil it up!

Here's a little video to help guide you...

Still have questions on how to care for your cutting board?

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